The Different Types of Web Developers

We have all heard about web developers, but there are still people out there that wonder what exactly they do. In short, web developers are coding and designing websites and apps so we can use them in our everyday life. Web developers are creating all interactive features, options, presentations and capacities of the website. The main responsibility of the web developer is to create the website by following specific structure, taking care of everything along the way – from designing the home page layout to creating the site to be fully functional. Web developers use specific programming languages like HTML, CSS or JavaScript when making the website. They use their ideas in order to create websites that will be informative, attractive and user-friendly. There are a few types of different web developers and here they are.

  • Front End Developer

These types of web developers are primarily responsible for the overall appearance and feel of the website. Front end developers must have strong knowledge in three programming languages – JavaScript, CSS and HTML. They also have to be knowledgeable with AngularJS, Bootstrap and EmberJS, which are things that make websites look alive, functional and interactive.

  • Back End Developer

These types of web developers work on the back end of the website. The back end is consisted of application, database and server. Back end developers design and keep the application, database and web server operational, so the front end can operate the website. In order for these three mentioned components to communicate with each other, back end developers use programming languages such as Java, PHP, .Net, Python and Ruby for building the application. They also use specific tools like SQL and MySQL for fetching, storing and editing data, and their subsequent serving to the user in the front end.

  • Full Stack Developers

These types of web developers have good knowledge and know how to work both on the front end and back end of a website. This term was popularized in the recent years and these developers are always in high demand by the tech companies. That is because full stack developers have strong understanding about the inner workings of the web at any level. They also know how to configure Windows and Linux servers, how to run the client side of the app, and how to structure and create a webpage by using HTML and CSS. In order for someone to be a full stack developer he has to possess extensive knowledge in running the scripting and client side.

            These were the main types of web developers. Technology world is constantly changing, so people with different computing and programming skills are sought every day. If you want to stay up to date with latest developments in this field, you need to constantly pay attention to what is going on in the world of technology. There are many other things besides the mentioned that good web developers do, so seek experts if you need a quality website to be designed.