Home Page Layouts and The Different Types

            Today you can find many nice websites that have attractive colors, quality content and nice images. But what happens when all those colors, photos, videos and website content are stripped from the website? Then you will see that the website is nothing without them, so the layout is the thing that makes the website alive.

What Is a Home Page Layout?

            Home page layout is an essential element of any website. It is crucial thing that makes the website successful or failure. Home page layout is specific pattern that defines the structure of the entire website. It structures the website content in a way in which you can quickly see what the website is all about and where you can find the specific information you are looking for. The main home page layout should give you a clear path from where you can navigate towards other web pages. If the home page layout is good, then the users will stay longer on the site because they can easily access all information they deem important.

Popular Types of Layouts

  • Grid layout is popular home page layout in which all information is well organized into several grids. That way you can easily navigate and browse information, stopping at places that interest you. With this layout, all text, images and videos are equally distributed into web pages, so you can decide where you should go for specific information. Most popular blogs and newspapers are using the grid layout as their main page layout.
  • Asymmetrical layout bends the symmetry so the user will find the web page space lively and attractive. Many types of businesses use this type of layout for their websites.
  • Zigzag layout follows specific pattern so your eyes will move by following the direction of letter Z.  Various types of websites use this format for their home pages.
  • One-Column layout is created in such way it organizes all important info about the website into one column. This is a simple, yet very effective home page layout that is very easy to follow. Websites with long articles usually use this type of layout for their home pages.
  • Modular layout has become very popular because it is very responsive and flexible type of layout.
  • Full screen photo layout spreads the content on one full screen image. Small text sections support the image, and this layout is ideal for those websites that want to quickly point to their main subject.
  • Thumbnails and headline layout is made of several small mini-pictures and topics that further lead towards their full descriptions. They serve as inviting guides towards the deeper content. This layout is most suitable for magazines, blogs, forum boards and travel websites. An example of this layout is the forum board DirtyUsernames.com which features a community of social media users.

These were just a few different types of home page layouts and there are plenty of more others. Explore and you will find many interesting layouts to use for your home page. All of them have something unique to offer so learn more about them and go for the one you like the most.