Welcome to the homepage of CRWDESIGNS.

CRWDESIGNS has been on the internet since 1996 so, as of 2014 we have been "up" foreighteen years. In that time I have designed, implemented and maintained about 100 sites ranging from small 'mom and pop' business, major Non-Profits, databases, Historical Associations, fundraising entities, and much much more.

I also maintain my own sites, three of which are on the switches above.

Dodge M37 is a site I built to document and share my passion for restoring vintage Military Vehicles, in this case a 1953 Dodge M37 weapons carrier. I invite you to take a look, it's pretty cool, and its a way for me to "Keep History Alive and in Motion".

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS CONSULTING LLC is a business I own that specializes in Personal and Family Preparedness. How prepared are you? Will you need to rely on social services when disaster strikes? Or have you made personalized preparations for yourself and for your family? You will learn and secure the supplies, communication, food and water, shelter, security, and comfort items you need to survive a disaster